Exciting opportunities of Lenovo Z41

Exciting opportunities of Lenovo Z41

The exhibition Tech World 2015 in Beijing, Lenovo introduced several new notebook models. With an emphasis on the use of multimedia were announced laptop Z41. Let’s look at the new device closer.

Lenovo Z Series notebook will have new features that are the envy of any competitor. Let’s look at the main features of the laptop Lenovo Z41.

Features of Lenovo Z41
Exciting opportunities of Lenovo Z41

First manufacturer came up with many new innovations. For example, the laptop has a new audio system from JBL® speakers. The sound on your Device Features will be clean and pleasant.

In addition to the laptop will the new processor that will make work pleasant and productive. The manufacturer installed a new laptop 5th generation processor Intel® Core ™.

The big breakthrough to get a web camera. Now laptop Lenovo Z41 will have a completely new camera from RealSense ™. And when you communicate with other relative or friends, you will feel closer to them than it was before. Let’s talk about the specifications of the new laptop Lenovo Z41.

Specifications of Lenovo Z41

Exciting opportunities of Lenovo Z41

According to the manufacturer, the laptop Lenovo Z41 will have a pretty new processor is a fifth-generation Intel® Core ™ i7 processor. Also built-in video card from Integrated Intel® or AMD R7-M360. An interesting feature is the ability to increase memory up to 12 GB of RAM.

The screen of the new Lenovo Z41 is 14 inches. An interesting resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The notebook is very compact and its extraordinary dimensions, which constitute 13.66 “x 9.80” x 0.96 “.

Exciting opportunities of Lenovo Z41

In addition, Lenovo Z41 has a lot of ports and wireless connectivity such as WiFi 802.11 a / c, and the usual Bluetooth® 4.0.

Conclusion of Lenovo Z41

New Lenovo Z41 has a rather interesting design and good performance. Also, the manufacturer has done a very convenient interface and many advanced features.

Source: Lenovo

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