EU warns against the temptation to become Nokia patent troll

As previously reported, the company Nokia has decided to sell his unit for the production of mobile devices from Microsoft. At the same time Nokia has retained control over a broad portfolio of patents. However, the EU regulatory authorities warn of Nokia, and advises her to become a patent troll.

In particular, during a speech in Paris, vice-president of the European Commission Joaquin Almunia (Joaquin Almunia) announced that it had approved the sale of Nokia’s mobile division and sees no problems for the party Microsoft. However, he noted that there is a danger that Nokia could begin to attempt to “extract additional benefits” of its patent portfolio. In other words, Nokia can start acting like a patent troll.

While Joaquin Almunia said that if you try to get Nokia illegal advantage of their patents, he intends to initiate an antitrust investigation against the company.

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