eO PP03: electric car racing from Latvia

eO PP03: electric car racing from Latvia

eO PP03: electric car racing from Latvia

Latvian engineers, as it turns out, not bad versed in electric vehicles. A striking example – a local company Drive eO. Its developers have created a truly unique platform.

This is no ordinary passenger car and racing. Extremely powerful – issued the order of 1 MW.

Called electric car – eO PP03. He is capable of speeds up to 260 kilometers per hour.

The creators of the invention are equipped with all-wheel drive and six types of electric motors YASA-400. Said guarantees about 1368 horsepower and peak torque of 2160 Nm at. The Energy propulsion system gets through the set of multiple batteries.

What is curious: Drive eO cars designed for a specific purpose. Summer eO PP03 will go to the US to compete in the Pikes Peak mountain (in Colorado).

eO PP03: electric car racing from Latvia

The new product will have to overcome about 20 kilometers and climb to an altitude of 4301 m (from 2862). Not too comfortable on the road, which has 156 turns.

The event kicks off on the 28th of June. We wish good luck to the pilot eO PP03.

Source: Driveeo

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