Emvio - «smart» Watch defining stress

Emvio – «smart» Watch defining stress

Emvio - «smart» Watch defining stress

Conquer the website Kickstarter not only foreign developers. Projects with Russian “roots” is also found. For example – “smart” watch Emvio, by engineers Data Systems.

The main difference from many competitors – the device is capable of measuring the level of stress. That allows the owner to quickly take themselves “in the hands”.

With built-in sensors, gadget analyzes the heart rhythm. Enough data to determine the current emotional state.

Emvio - «smart» Watch defining stress

Total Emvio distinguishes 10 degrees – from standstill up to a total loss of control. If the situation is close to critical, the device begins to vibrate (indicating the need to take action).

How to come back to normal – will prompt the mobile companion. Clock function in close conjunction with proprietary software in the smartphone.

Emvio - «smart» Watch defining stress

Another invention Darta Systems – a good fitness tracker: Follow the beat, keep records of physical activity. Sorry, no applications and notifications.

Issue price – from $ 129. The choice available 2 models. Usual plastic and “luxury» Emvio Elite (chrome steel).

Source: Geeky-Gadgets

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