The designer has created a concept 12.9-inch iPad to iOS 7 [renders]

In May this year an unexpected insider walls of Cupertino shared Korean Internet portal ETNews. It has been argued that Apple has planned for the first half 2014 release a brand new tablet model called «iPad Maxi». The device receives a huge display with a diagonal of 12.9 inches.

Last month, the authoritative business publication Wall Street Journal confirmed these rumors, saying that Apple did discuss the possibility of producing such a device. Currently, the company reportedly is negotiating with suppliers in Asia to prepare for production of the large iPad. It is assumed that the tablet with a larger screen will compete with ultrabooks, offering a more compact size and weight, longer battery life and a comparable screen to complete the work.

On one hand, this device has the right to life. For example, a large iPad can be a substitute for textbooks. Apple, known to be very strong in the education sector, and may be relevant in today’s schools. It is possible that new educational apps are already in development.

On the other hand, are still some doubts about the plausibility of hearing. First, the name «iPad Maxi» could hardly give a California corporation creative department. In addition, the compact model of iPad mini shows sales higher than the 9.7-inch device modification. Studies show that mainstream consumers do not want tablets with large diagonals.

Designers of CiccareseDesign decided to create a concept for assessing the size of the future “aypada.” On the renderers can be seen 12.9-inch tablet iPad Maxi on the platform iOS 7 in comparison with the iPad 4, iPad mini and ultrabook MacBook Air.

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