Dell and HP are going to release servers based on ARM processors

As part of the event ARM TechCon, Dell and HP separately announced their intention to use processors based on the ARM architecture as the foundation of its server solutions.

It should be noted that the ARM processors have a number of advantages over more traditional processor architecture-based x86. They consume less energy, emit during operation less heat, and therefore, do not require the use of powerful and expensive cooling systems. At the same time, they provide a sufficiently high performance. The disadvantages of server solutions based on ARM chips are the lack of support for 64-bit computing and an insufficient number of enterprise software platforms for ARM.

During the event ARM TechCon Dell has already demonstrated a server system based on a 64-bit chip ARM, which worked under the operating system Linux. And in 2014, the company plans to bring to market a fully ready for use in business servers based on 64-bit processors ARM.

At the same time, HP announced a new version of its cost-effective server platform Moonshot on ARM-based processors Calxeda. It should be noted that for the first time such an HP introduced back in 2011, but they were not available to consumers. To order Moonshot server offered only on the basis of cost-processor Intel Atom. However, the new version of Moonshot with 32-bit ARM processors will be available for interested customers.

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