Celebrities and Samsung: the best promo video

Celebrities and Samsung: the best promo video

Celebrities and Samsung: the best promo videoWinter does not have time to start their possessions, and Celebrities and Samsung have already begun a massive New Year’s campaign, releasing a promo video in the style of «American dream» a Christmas theme. Actors – Hollywood couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, awaiting the birth of the second child. Actors demonstrate how smart phones, tablets and “smart” watch Korean vendor can be used in family life. But this is not the first celebrity to attract the largest manufacturer of products promotion devices on Android. Remembering the best examples.

Celebrities and Samsung – Dutz Croesus

Who better to present a fashion smartphone than supermodel? One of the most famous “Angels” Victoria’s Secret, Dutch beauty Dutz Kroes appeared in advertising Galaxy Alpha. Blonde having fun in night club with a graceful devices with metal frame.

Celebrities and Samsung – Football will save the world

To participate in the campaign to save the Earth from an alien invasion in Samsung have collected the best players from around the world. Messi, Ronaldo, Kerzhakov, Goetze, Casillas and others led by Franz Beckenbauer must work together if they want to match the planetary values. About how it all began, you can read here , but the epic finale of the story:

Celebrities and Samsung – LeBron James

Not only had the players advertised gadgets Galaxy. LeBron James, American basketball star, appeared in a series of rollers products Samsung. In one of the company amounted to LeBron Hollywood actors Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen.

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