Broadcom - new TI improves system power electronics for smart watches

Broadcom – new TI improves system power electronics for smart watches

Broadcom - new TI improves system power electronics for smart watches

The problem with modern devices, particularly smart watches – battery capacity is low. Smartwatch can be a very good assistant in your work and life, but only for the period for which enough battery power. And this is – a few hours, maximum – daylight. Company Broadcom and Texas Instruments are trying to solve the problem.

According to the developers, the solution could be a new architecture of chips for mobile devices. Both companies submitted updated chips, which can increase the battery life of mobile devices.

Both platforms are provided by companies that can help a relatively new market for smart hours to become more open and close for the consumer. If you extend the battery life of mobile smart-hours, users will be more actively buying such gadgets.

Experts believe that the market is now wearable devices is only in its infancy, and already by 2018 the number of portable gadgets is expected to increase to 112 million from about 19 million this year.

Broadcom representatives argue that the new platform for smart devices to work hours allow up to 4 days in stand-alone mode.

At the same time, the company Texas Instruments believes that its platform will enable intelligent hours work a few weeks. This becomes possible by reducing the chip size and increasing the performance of such systems. Device with the update from Texas Instruments can be very small, and used in smart clothes and miniature sensors.

The company agreed to cooperate, believing that platform, provided their association, make portable devices more economical in terms of energy consumption and functional.

Texas Instruments will launch its platform this week and Broadcom – later this year.

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