The Board of Directors of Apple Tim Cook: Where is innovation?

It seems that the lack of technological revolutions from Apple, which is observed during the last three years, upsetting not only consumers and analysts. According to the latest information, the Board of Directors of the company is also concerned about this stagnation and demands from Tim Cook to accelerate the innovation process.

This past evening, Fox News Channel correspondent Charlie Gasparini live shared this information that has come from reliable sources. According to him, the board concerned that in recent years, Apple has not created any fundamentally new product line, and this can cause damage to the company.

“What they have released over the past few years? – Asks Gasparini. – They had an iPad, a few other things, but after the departure of Steve Jobs is no innovation are no longer provided. Worried board of directors began to put pressure on Tim Cook and demand from him, that he has done something as soon as possible “

Journalist hastened to note that the Council’s concern is not so strong as to Tim Cook began to fear for his job. Nonetheless, it is possible to wait for the new permutations in the management of Apple.

From this news, some conclusions can be drawn. Recall that in the last 15 years, Apple has released a new product line with a gap of three years. In 1998, it was the first iMac, in 2001 – iPod, in 2004 – MacBook, in 2007 – iPhone in 2010 – iPad. According to this logic, the next revolution from Apple to be held this year. And if knowledgeable about the projects of the company’s board of directors expressed their dissatisfaction, it can only mean one thing: this year we will only update the existing product lines.

Based on materials from Fox News

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