AgileBits and conspired Dropbox

Many of our readers may have heard about such programs for iOS, like Dropbox and 1Password. The first is used to store all kinds of files in the cloud and exchange, while the second keeps passwords and websites, credit card numbers and other personal information.

If you are a user of 1Password , then most likely you know that the application allows you to synchronize the data made ​​to it between different platforms through synchronization with Dropbox. For this 1Password uses a special API, provided by the developers of cloud service.

However, recently the Dropbox developers have announced that support for the old version of the API, which works with a variety of applications, including 1Password, will be discontinued on September 1 this year. This means that if your iPhone or iPad you use 1Password 3, from the beginning of next month you will not be available function data synchronization via Dropbox. That is, if 1Password installed on more than one device, the meaning of this application just disappears.

Last year AgileBits – developer of 1Password, updated the mobile version of the application by ending support for 1Password 3. And it seems that not all users are eager to give away $ 17 for 1Password 4, since developers are forced to make a deal with Dropbox, so as to encourage user migration to the new version for a trivial restriction functionality of previous versions. Rudeness and arrogance.

It should be noted separately that 1Password 3 for Mac is ranked in the list of programs that will not work with the updated API Dropbox. It is said that the reason to upgrade to 1Password 4 is nothing more than a fiction, an attempt to stimulate the user migration to the new version of the mobile application.

However, we should pay tribute to AgileBits: the developers have reduced the cost of 1Password yesterday, August 8, to $ 8 per copy, which greatly simplifies the transition to 1Password 4. So, if you do not want to go without their passwords, to report that you have no choice but to sync via the desktop version of 1Password.

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