Began beta testing the PC version of the shooter PayDay 2

Representatives studio Overkill Software have announced the beta version of the PC-cooperative shooter PayDay 2, which can be accessed via Steam. While the test project can only gamers who pre-order the publication Career Criminal Edition.

PayDay 2 – co-op shooter, which will allow gamers to get used to the role of gangsters from the original blockbuster. Thieves go to Washington, where he implemented several daring robberies. The game will be a system CRIMENET, offering a variety of dynamic contracts. Users are free to choose the task of any complexity: from robberies of stores to raid on the largest banks in the city.

The developers have promised to finalize the shooting and focus more on the stealth system. If players wish, you can go through almost any of the 30 jobs, almost without the use of weapons. In PayDay 2 can be played alone, but much more interesting to perform the mission four.

PayDay 2 will be available in digital form in networks PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade and Steam. Shooter will also be available in the disk version. Release of the project on all platforms will be announced very soon, on August 13.

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