BBC has named the new Doctor Who

The British Broadcasting Corporation BBC has announced that a new major actor of the cult sci-fi TV series “Doctor Who” will be Peter Capaldi (Peter Capaldi).

It’s the story of a mysterious alien time traveler known as the Doctor who explores time and space, simultaneously solving different problems and restoring justice.

Mr. Capaldi will be the twelfth Doctor. It is worth noting that Peter Capaldi is the recipient of awards “Oscar” and «BAFTA».

Many actors can claim a great love for this TV series with a 50-year history, but few people manage to provide any evidence. For example, Capaldi found a letter he wrote to the BBC in 15 years, in which he called for media corporations take over the series “Doctor Who.”


Mr. Capaldi has previously starred in the TV series “Doctor Who” – or rather, a series of “Lights of Pompeii,” which aired in 2008. However, Capaldi has brought great fame series “Hushcha events” and the movie “In the Loop.”

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