The application allows you to bypass the Knock Lock Screen Mac, tapping on the iPhone

Appendix Knock, which recently appeared in the store App Store , allows users to use a password instead of the procedure to log on Mac OS X own smartphone iPhone.

According to the developer, in order to bypass the lock screen on your Mac enough to knock on the back of the smartphone iPhone. However, for everything to work properly initially be installed on the smartphone the iPhone and the Mac version of the application corresponding to Knock, and sync the device through the wireless module Bluetooth (4.0 LE).

The application is compatible with smartphones iPhone 4S, 5, 5S or 5C, laptops, MacBook Air (starting with the 2011 release), laptops MacBook Pro (from 2012 model year), one-piece iMac (starting with the 2012 release), computers Mac mini (starting with the 2011 release) and Mac Pro (2013 release).

For correct operation requires that the application remains on the panel multitasking. In this case, when the user is located at a short distance from the Mac, you on the lock screen smartphone corresponding message.

Knock cost version of the application for the iOS is $ 3.99. A version for Mac OS X can be downloaded from the official website developer for free.

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