Apple: Using non-iPhone stands with fatal

Last week the 23-year-old flight attendant from China died as a result of electric shock , which she received from the iPhone. The incident occurred at a time when she answered a call on the included for recharging the device. A few days later learned about another case: a Chinese who came in after the shock he received when you try to charge your iPhone 4.

After these incidents, Apple posted on the official website statement, which called on iPhone and iPad to use only original accessories. Document describing the network adapters on the main page of the Chinese company portal. The web-site has text instructions and a detailed description of the Apple branded chargers with all the markers and identifiers.

Apple representatives have expressed their deepest condolences to the family of the dead girl. They promised to find out the causes of the tragedy and to cooperate closely with the authorities. The company has not yet made official statements about the causes of the incident, however, judging by the fact that the site has a description of brand-name “apple” chargers in Cupertino believe that the cause of death of the Chinese woman could be after market power adapter for iPhone.

Experts also tend to believe that the cause of electric shock people in China has been the use of chargers cheap, not purchased from official distributors of Apple products, and probably do not have protection.

Unlike previous generations of adapters, which are present in a step-down transformer, all modern chargers are built under the scheme voltage charge. Transformer there still is, but quite small and operates in a different mode, a pair of complex obveskoy of semiconductor devices. As a result, it is smaller, lighter, quieter, easier to operate, more energoekonomichen. Instead, the components are loaded more strongly and in case of breakage, the likelihood that the use of substandard components increases dramatically, to “exit” can be full input voltage, i.e. 220 volts. This is where, apparently, were injured in the PRC users iPhone.

Experts believe that the use of the original phone and the original charge iPhone or iPad can not kill a man.

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