Apple commented delivery time Apple Watch

Apple commented delivery time Apple Watch

Apple commented delivery time Apple Watch

Last weekend, one of the readers MacRumors emailed Tim Cook led the letter. The author shares with the CEO “apple company” his thoughts on the early design of pre-orders for Apple Watch. Andrew Turko paid attention to the fact that while orders for Apple device can be made online only. To his letter, Andrew received a response from the management of Apple. He sheds light on the company’s plans for the start of sales Apple Watch. And as regards the approximate time of delivery hours.

Many Apple’s customers were concerned. Namely, that the waiting time the device has increased less than an hour. After Apple Watch appeared in the presale. There is information that all the model were sold out in less than six hours.

Delivery of orders that are placed today will take not even a month. Many buyers will get smart watch Apple in June or even in August. However, Apple representatives believe that the majority of orders will reach the destination before the deadlines specified in the order.

In response to a reader’s letter is an allusion to the long wait earlier devices company. Such as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. It is noted that the approximate delivery times are often larger than the actual waiting time. This could happen with Apple Watch. Apple, saying the timing of the delivery device. Apple said that the orders only planned for June, can be sent much earlier. However, the company did not make any promises.

Source: MacRumors

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