Amazon plans to use drones for faster delivery of goods

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) spoke about the development of the next – to exercise fast delivery of orders using flying drones. This program is called Amazon Prime Air.

It is assumed that the drone may be expected with the product container at the end of the conveyor belt. After receiving the product and its fixing flying machine rises into the air and delivers a specific address. Drone capable of carrying loads of up to 5 pounds (2.3 kg). As stated by Jeff Bezos, about 86% of Amazon parcels have a mass less than 5 pounds. Thus, drones can be used to deliver a large number of orders. Maximum distance delivery stated at 10 miles (about 16 km) from the warehouse, and the time of delivery order, since its design – 30 minutes.

Amazon’s yet to decide questions of normative character before introducing drones as a tool for delivery of goods. Among the most popular they will during the holiday sales. For example, in Cyber ​​Monday (the day of active massive sales after Black Friday) from Amazon every second book more than 300 products, and the use of drones will greatly accelerate their delivery.

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