How much is an additional guarantee for Apple Watch?

How much is an additional guarantee for Apple Watch?

How much is an additional guarantee for Apple Watch?

If you are going to buy the most expensive collection of Apple Watch. It is possible that you may want to extend your warranty for your device. On its website, Apple has released prices for its program Applecare + for each watch model.

Here, for example, $ 49 for sports, $ 69 for the collection of a stainless steel, and $ 1,500 for Edition. In the United States, an additional warranty increases the initial service period of 1 year for the two models of watches. But this does not apply to the golden collection Apple Watch. For $ 1,500 you get another 2-year warranty.

Interestingly, the additional warranty must be purchased within 60 days of purchase hours.

Extended warranty for Apple Watch works almost the same way as for other products Apple. It includes telephone support and a replacement battery.

More importantly, this warranty covers accidental damage to the two devices. Unfortunately, to be able to repair the device. You will have to pay a service fee: $ 69 for a sports model, $ 79 for the Watch and $ 1,000 for the Edition.

Even if you pay a service charge twice portal Macrumors reports. It will still be cheaper than paying a single post-warranty service fee for sports models and Watch. This cost is $ 229 and $ 329 respectively. The report also says that the replacement battery costs $ 79 if you ended guarantee.

Source: TheVerge

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