3 ways to make typing on the iPad a convenient


The plates could be even more popular if it were possible to eliminate the various “inconveniences” associated with the characteristics of their design. One of the major drawbacks – a slow and uncomfortable typing. Digit Edition offers three ways to help iPad users can easily eliminate it.

1. Wireless keyboards

Wireless Keyboard Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K760 will simplify text entry on a tablet. This slim and stylish accessory using solar panels. The keyboard charges itself whenever there is light. The accumulated charge is conserved for at least three months, even if the gadget is in total darkness.

Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard is bigger tablet, but the keyboard is not in any way to impress the users who are accustomed to desktop systems – because it allows you to type the text on the tablet the usual way, as well as on your laptop or PC. The keyboard is silent. In the online store Ozon.ru it costs 3290 rubles.

The device is best suited to owners of iPad. A special button Logitech Easy-Switch allows you to instantly switch between devices Apple, support the technology Bluetooth. With a single device, you can write your e-mail to a Mac, then edit on the iPad and reply to SMS on the iPhone. And it’s very convenient.

2. “Typewriters”


Gadget iTypewriter for the iPad looks like a classic typewriter – instead of a sheet of paper is used tablet. The gadget provides good tactile relationship with the tablet, looks great and is connected to it wirelessly. “Typewriter” users may like the older generation who find it difficult to re-learn “to computers.”

Those who are accustomed to use the keyboard for the computer to work with iTypewriter will be difficult: the fingers can quickly get tired of the unfamiliar setting. At the same ones who learned typing on a real typewriter impressions are diametrically opposed. You can buy the gadget in the UK for 519 pounds.


USB Typewriter – is a gadget that allows you to connect an ordinary, old typewriter and a tablet, for $ 89 transforming them into a computer system in a retro style. USB Typewriter is a set of tools that allows you to connect to the tablet via USB-connector typewriter from the past – even the epochal Underwood since Titanic. Appearance of the resulting device – much more authentic than that set iTypewriter + iPad.

Perhaps active PC users to a typewriter typing will be difficult. However, in any case, this device is perfect as a gift or a beautiful interior element.

3. Smart Case 


Case Keyboard Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover is sold in the U.S. for $ 75. The gadget is suitable for all models of tablet iPad. Ultra-thin cover fastened to the device and also serves as a keyboard and stand.

The decision bribes practicality, but for long typing experience may not be as rosy: on his knees with a cover not worked as a laptop, and the keys are soft and have very short stroke. But the main thing: the screen is directly in front of your fingers, so look at it for a long time in a bent position uncomfortable. But apparently this gadget looks very attractive. 

3-ways-typing-ipad-convenient-raqwe.com-05Smart Cover. As an accessory you can buy for the iPad cover Smart Cover. The cost of the accessory is 1749 rubles. The gadget is popular with users who like to turn it into a handy stand for your tablet. In this position, the screen is placed at an angle, near convenient to put the Bluetooth-keyboard on the table and still have room for documents. A multi “cover» Smart Cover allows you to adjust the tilt, so when you display the virtual keyboard, you can make a comfortable keyboard like this.

Why type text on your tablet conveniently

We often hear that type texts for your tablet uncomfortable and unproductive. James Kendrick in an interview ZdNet presented their arguments “against”:

  • The tablet works longer without recharging. Unlike laptops, tablets significantly more economical in terms of energy. Therefore, the time of battery is more significantly.
  • In the tablet high-quality display. With prolonged typing on a computer is often easier on the eyes. High-quality display Retina, which are equipped with iPad, eliminate this deficiency.
  • The plates are simply connect to the Internet. Advanced users immediately purchase the tablet supports 3G (now there are models with support for 4G). Thus, they immediately gain access to the Internet, while for a laptop or desktop computer, a separate device – a stationary router or modem.
  • Smaller than a laptop or tablet PC. The tablet fits easily in a backpack or bag, it is easy to carry in hand. Laptop Tablet and more generally do not fit into a backpack. You can use the tablet in virtually any environment – is not the rain or during a snowstorm, but then hardly anyone will need to type text.
  • The plate was “hiding” other programs while typing. When working with the texts of almost any tablet with a screen removes all unnecessary.
  • The tablet is more accessible. Before you start typing on the laptop, the device should get, spread out on level ground and load. The plate is always at hand.

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