Thin and flexible hour fitness tracker new AmpStrip

Thin and flexible hour fitness tracker new AmpStrip

Thin and flexible hour fitness tracker new AmpStrip

Activity sensor FitLinxx AmpStrip fundamentally different from their counterparts, which are usually presented in the form of bracelets. This fitness tracker is flexible and thin waterproof device designed to keep discreet wear directly on the body in order to monitor performance of the athlete.

Appearance sensor activity FitLinxx AmpStrip

AmpStrip body made of silicone. The device is mounted under the left breast Adhesive and allows you to define parameters such as:

  • The heart rate.
  • The position of the body.
  • Time of activity.
  • The level of physical activity.
  • skin temperature.
  • The number of steps you’ve walked.
  • The number of calories lost.
  • The level of stress.
  • Level of breath.
  • The quality of sleep.
  • Correct posture.

Tracker activity FitLinxx AmpStrip Body athlete

The main sensor devices are heart rate monitor and an accelerometer. Data transmission on Android-smartphone is made in real time, this applies to the wireless communication module. Correct calculation algorithms provide the author.

Charging everyday activity tracker AmpStrip just made wireless technology. One cycle lasts for a week round the clock. According to the developers, waterproof, easy to stick to the body and does not restrict movement, and also does not feel physically. The set comes restock adhesive film for six months.

Thin and flexible hour fitness tracker new AmpStrip

According to the creators, fitness tracker to avoid undue stress and negative consequences that arise if you want to quickly improve their physical performance. When exceeding the limits set in advance, the unit will give an appropriate signal to the smartphone.

In addition, it is reported that this tracker is much easier bracelets because they do not rub the skin and does not interfere to perform certain exercises. The same model can be constantly “aware” of what makes your body, while the bracelets can be removed from the hands, resulting in lost thread of research and analysis.

Thin and flexible hour fitness tracker new AmpStrip

Today, the company continues to gain momentum on Crowdfunding. The above advantages have made the model so popular that at the time of this writing, the threshold for the start of mass production was exceeded by 6.5 times (653%). Instead of the required $ 50 thousand enthusiasts gathered nearly 327,000 USD. The cost of a tracker is 120 USD.

Source: Indiegogo

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