The hacker Charlie Miller hacked cars Ford and Toyota


The hacker Charlie Miller, actively practicing breaking iPhone, iPad and computers Mac, decided to expand into cars. According to the expert, in the computer systems of cars Toyota Prius and Ford Escape he found a critical vulnerability, the use of which can lead to accidents on the roads with these cars. 100-page report, prepared by Miller, is the fruit of several months of research conducted by the U.S. government money.

Miller hacker with Chris Valasek find vulnerabilities in the computer systems before they can be detected by criminals. They claim to have found a way to make the Toyota Prius suddenly braked at speeds of over 120 km / h A hacker can remotely move the steering wheel of the car and make the car dramatically increase the speed. Products from other automakers are also not left the attention of hackers. For example, the Ford Escape experts have learned to turn off the brake when the car is moving too fast.

Hacking hackers carried out with their laptops being directly in the car. They will not share information with the public about how to implement remote hacking. Experts hope that their findings will help automotive companies to remove errors in the electronic security systems of passenger cars.


The representative of Toyota Motor Corp John Hanson said the company is studying the report and did not deny that the computer systems installed in cars Toyota, may be small errors. A spokesman for Ford said the company is concerned about the burglary and will take measures to prevent this in the future.

Experts promise to submit the applications needed to attack the computer systems of cars during the conference Def Con, which will be held in August in Las Vegas. At the end of last week, the researchers gave a preliminary interview with Forbes, which reported on the work done and how they have managed to take control of the car itself.

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