SPLIT – miniature earphones with built-in player


SPLIT – this is the most self-contained music player that fits in the ear and do without wires and without Bluetooth. Each earphone has a miniature motherboard with processor, memory chip, battery and other elements necessary for high-quality audio playback. With a special chip-timer synchronizes sound. This procedure is required only once at startup, and is due to the near-field signal. Thus, in contrast to Bluetooth, the listener’s head is not exposed to continuous radiation. Playback is controlled light biting right or left earphone. In order to reduce the risk of losses, they are magnets for bonding during transportation. The disadvantage of the gadget is a small amount of memory – 64 MB to 256 MB. Speaker impedance 16 ohms, the maximum output power of 20 mW per channel. Pre-order price $ 155.



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