Qube 2: tiny Bluetooth-speaker with decent sound

Matrix Audio has announced a new portable Bluetooth-speaker that promises to impress his ultracompact users. Novelty called Qube 2. Dimensions dynamics are such that it easily fits in your pocket or in your hand, and a convenient strap for carrying on the wrist will prevent its loss.

Tiny speaker consists of two speakers with a capacity of 3 W, clad in an aluminum housing. Job speakers based on technology “passively vibrating bass”, which guarantees a powerful and clear sound in a compact format devices. Novelty is equipped with a battery that provides 8 hours battery life. Despite such a powerful battery, Qube 2 weighs only 185 grams, though the overall dimensions are 80 mm x 38 mm x 38 mm. Receiving range Bluetooth-signal is approximately 10 meters.

Matrix Audio presents its new product as the world’s smallest stereo speaker, which today is available in red, black, silver, blue and purple colors, priced at $ 79.99.

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