Opal Nugget - new ice machine

Opal Nugget – new ice machine

According to statistics, out of 100 projects published in services only collect the necessary amount of 3-4 and only one turns out to be truly successful. Opal Nugget can be called a star of crowdfunding. It would seem unremarkable new ice machine is not an innovative gadget and not a means to save the world. How the project was able to collect US $ 2,275,000 – 1517% of the required amount for the implementation?

Feature of the new ice machine

Opal Nugget - new ice machine

The secret is that Opal Nugget, at first, was filed very timely – at the height of summer, when the effectiveness of the device for making ice for cocktails needed thousands of cafes, restaurants, beach bars, not to mention the amateurs have parties at home. Secondly, Opal Nugget – not just a car: it creates a soft ice with a “bubble” structure, which practically does not harm tooth enamel, comfortable chewed quickly cools drinks and takes their taste, without giving effect cocktails dilution with water.

Opal Nugget - new ice machine

The housing is made of stainless steel container of ice – from high-quality non-toxic plastic. For the operation of the new ice machine requires the only electrical connection (centralized or generator) and clean water; Opal Nugget else does it for you. During the day, it can produce about 10 kg of ice while in the new ice machine is placed about 1.36 kg. This is approximately equal to 4 cups of ice and 96 hours a day – enough for home use and for commercial vehicles should order a few machines.

Opal Nugget - new ice machine

To further attract investors, developers offered a substantial discount on Opal Nugget. Thus, the first investors in the new ice machine cost $ 399 ($ 100 cheaper than the retail price); if you order two cars, savings of 219 dollars, etc. It should be noted that the cost of a conventional ice making machines of similar capacity on average in the range of 2-3 thousand dollars.

Source: indiegogo

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