Nuance revealed the release date for the final version of iOS 7

Just last week, slipped a rumor from a very reputable source that the September 10 Apple announces a new model (or models ) iPhone, and now these data were indirectly confirmed by Nuance , a long time ago and worked closely with the company from Cupertino.

In particular, the developer Owen Williams (Owen Williams) received an email from Nuance, which clearly indicated that the release of iOS 7 will take place on September 10. Typically, the release of new Apple OS takes place simultaneously with the announcement of new models of iPhone. The leitmotif of the same letter was the information that the application Speech 1.4.5 operation confirmed among iOS 7 and passed all the tests, even though the developer is recommended to perform your own checks before updating.

Well, the wait is long. Just a couple of weeks, as we learn about the new iPhone, and we get the final version of iOS 7 with dramatically changed interface.

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