Moto X Active Display

Android Lollipop will support the function Moto X Active Display

Moto X Active Display

One of the killer features Moto X Active Display of both the first and second generations is “active display” or, as it later became known, Moto X Active Display. It consists in the fact that every time you take a smartphone in hand, the screen will light up the notification. Convenience, marked by many users, has also received a number of alternative implementations in the form of applications for other Android-smartphone, but they do not work always correctly. Moreover, in the Moto X Active Display provides sub-processor and AMOLED-display, ensure the preservation of the battery charge. Anyway, it seems that Android 5.0 Lollipop such a feature will be available for the implementation of all the manufacturers.

According to Phandroid, information about this appeared due to the full version leaked firmware Android Lollipop, fusion, obviously, with one of the Nexus 6.

On the provided screenshot shows that in the settings of the device’s screen has item «Ambient display», responsible for the activation of the display when you receive a notification or taking the smartphone in your hand.

Moto X Active Display

Earlier official twitter account Motorola said one of the users of the social network that the Nexus 6 provides users with Android-friendly experience from the operation.

Moto X Active Display

In addition, the official website of Android passing reference to the function, but with the proviso that it will be available on the devices, “iron” which supports it. On what specific component in question is unclear. Do I need to be a Moto X Active Display or sub-processor will be enough AMOLED-screen?

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