Intel will show how you can accelerate SSD at IDF 2013

During the event the IDF in 2013, which will open its doors on September 10, Intel has promised to demonstrate methods of dispersal SSD. Unfortunately, Intel has not yet reported the details, but it is theoretically possible.

Solid-state drives based on flash-based memory such as NAND, the performance of which, like the performance of memory chips, processors and graphics cards, is determined by factors such as clock frequency and timings. Chips NAND, which make up the SSD, not a fast or slow – it’s just an array of memory cells. For speed data reading or writing data to or from the cell controller responds. Like other components of the PC, which to disperse, some of these NAND chips can operate at higher speeds and aggressive timings.

In theory, it is possible to modify the firmware of the controller and make the flash memory to operate at a higher frequency and at higher voltages. resource Myce have found direct evidence of this statement concerning the existence of overclocking SSD in the source code software Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel XTU). Some lines of code in shedding light on the processor giant plans. The first line (image above) indicates that users will be able to set their own operating frequency in MHz controller. The description says: “Set the frequency of the microcontroller in the production of certain SSD Intel, which can increase the performance of the drive.” The second line shows the three modes of supply SSD: «limited,” “Normal” and “unlimited”. The bottom line is, in turn, points to the fact that users will also be able to set the bus speed of NAND in the range of 83 MHz to 100 MHz. Here, as in the first case, there is a description: “Set the frequency of the memory bus in the production of certain SSD Intel».

What is interesting is that in both cases there is a clarification of certain production drives Intel.

This feature can be interesting for enthusiasts who are willing to sacrifice the stability of the drive in exchange for a performance boost. However, there is still listen to Intel, it is possible that the company’s specialists have learned to accelerate SSD without reducing the life of the drive.

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