Huawei P6 hard reset: all possible methods

Huawei P6 hard reset: all possible methods

After some time of use, each smartphone starts to work slower or does not work at all. Huawei P6 is no exception. Despite the fact that it is a good and productive smartphone, however, it is not immune from errors.

Fortunately, Huawei P6 hard reset can solve most software problems. Hard reset returns smartphone to the factory settings.

Today will look at all possible ways to perform Huawei P6 hard reset and return it to factory settings.

First, we wish to advise you to back up all important user data (contacts, photos, etc.), because after Huawei P6 hard reset the memory of smartphone will be cleared.

Huawei P6 hard reset from Settings menu

The easiest way to do Huawei P6 hard reset is to use a special option in Settings menu.

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Select “Backup & reset”;
  3. Click on the “Reset” and agree to the warning.
  4. After that, Google welcome screen appears and system restarts.

Huawei P6 hard reset from Recovery menu

This method can help you if Android system would not start.

  1. Enter the Recovery menu. For this you need to turn off smartphone and after that press and hold Volume UP/Down and Power button.
  2. Select menu item “Wipe data / factory reset”.Huawei P6 hard reset: all possible methods
  3. Agree with your choice.
  4. After Huawei P6 hard reset, your smartphone will offer you to reboot.

Huawei P6 hard reset: method of three buttons

This is the most radical way of Huawei P6 hard reset.

  1. Hold down Power button and two volume buttons;
  2. When you will see the logo with the name of the model, you need to release Power button and continue to hold Volume buttons.
  3. Wait until smartphone starts the reboot again and release Volume buttons.

This is all known ways to make Huawei P6 hard reset.

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