Huawei is not quite limited settings Android Wear

Huawei is not quite limited settings Android Wear

Huawei is not quite limited settings Android Wear

In Android Wear brewing problems associated with the fact that a number of partners have hinted that they are not happy with the restrictions on their ability to customize the software. Huawei is the latter who expressed his dissatisfaction with Android Wear.

Now, when the clock Huawei, a Chinese company is in talks with Google, Android Wear to customize to fit your needs. “We want us to have more freedom to customize the platform Android Wear», – said Yang Yong, vice president of Huawei’s product management in a recent interview TrustedReviews, adding that «Android Wear – not as an open platform like Android “.

Yong says that customers want to have a smart watches, which have their own character and represent their own style of its owner. He believes that one of the biggest problems faced by developers of hours supporting Android Wear is that it is difficult to distinguish his watch from all others.

Despite the fact that Huawei has tried to create a device, distinguished from other smart devices, watches of this manufacturer are not much different from the Moto 360 or LG Watch Urbane.

Huawei not only believes that Android Wear could offer a lot more features. For example, LG released the smart watch that support WebOS. Samsung is working on a device on the platform Tizen. And finally, CEO Asus said that following ZenWatch will not work on Android Wear.

So what does that mean mutiny on the ship? Or simply the desire of producers to present something distinguished from what is now on the market for portable devices?

Source: DigitalTrends

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