HTC may abandon Windows Phone 8

Some time HTC has been a leader of mobile industry, but it did not last long – the last couple of years, the company pursued the failures of various kinds, and she is now struggling for survival. In an attempt to get out of debt and regain a little bit of former glory, HTC released the HTC One, which sold quite well, but was unable to return the company to service.

If HTC wants to regain its influence, it needs to focus on products that have the potential and are able to bear fruit. It is also necessary to reduce losses wherever possible. Yes, we are talking about Windows Phone 8.

According to DigiTimes, since Windows Phone’s market share continues to decline, the company may refuse to support the platform. Yes, the resource DigiTimes known for his controversial statements, especially when it comes to rumors and speculation, but we must admit, that makes sense.

Even despite the fact that the OS is Windows Phone 8 showed a slight increase in recent years, it still takes 3.7% of the smartphone market. Of these, 80 per cent accounted for by Nokia, and HTC was left far behind with its 5%. By the way, in order to produce devices with Windows Phone 8, the company must agree to the license fee that will be charged for devices with Android.

Apparently, HTC is to abandon Windows Phone 8 to avoid the trouble. What do you think?

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