GarageBand for iOS will be free

If you are not yet sufficiently complete picture of what Apple will tell on tomorrow’s event , here’s another missing piece puzzle. The official website of a sudden has a description of the updated iLife software suite for iOS, which was soon removed quickly.

The friendly bloggers managed to take a screenshot, from which you can learn the application GarageBand will be among the programs that will be distributed free of charge. However, if you want to acquire additional instruments and sounds, you have to use the built-in shopping.

In the description of the application Apple reports that get to the free use of his will those who bought the device on the iOS September 1, 2013 or later. Also, as seen in the screenshots, all the iLife and iWork applications now have an updated icon in the spirit of iOS 7.

The news came as confirmation of information that we shared earlier: in the iCloud settings in the new version of the mobile operating system will be updated icons iPhoto and GarageBand , which too were soon replaced with the old ones. Thus, another intrigue destroyed, and tomorrow at the scene, Tim Cook and his colleagues will tell us about the free package iLife.

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