Within Fighter will be one of the launch titles for the Xbox One

We finally. Gamers who have booked Xbox One in the various specialty stores can finally get their hands on the jewel of Microsoft, in fact, facing a series of new adventures, developed specifically for the occasion.

The makers of home networking Ubisoft release a press release completely dedicated to Fighter Within, the new title for Kinect, pointing to the fact that the game will be available from the first day of launch of the console.

We leave then to the document drawn up by Ubisoft.

Ubisoft announces Fighter Within, the first true next generation fighting game based on the detection of movement, is now available for Xbox One.

Thanks to the power of the new Kinect for Xbox One, Fighter Within offers players an entertaining fight, but also compelling and realistic. Fighter Within advantage of the new features of Kinect to significantly improve the experience in local multiplayer, noting the movements of two players, who can challenge friends and family in thrilling fights one on one.

The new Kinect technology provides an even more varied gameplay and a virtually unlimited entertainment. Players will unleash all their fighting skills, pulling punches and kicks or creating combos and counterattacks. Fighter Within recognizes more than 40 moves and includes 12 different fighters, each with their own special attacks, which can fight in arenas from the 10 unique features. According to their preferred style of combat, players can unleash their inner warrior, deciding the best strategy to defeat the opponent.

With the power of Xbox One, Fighter Within offers a quality of new generation and a uniquely responsive feel, as well as a unique realism, thanks to the effects and impacts of sweat on her face in real time, which will immerse players into the heart of the struggle.

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