Echo Connect Plus "charges" gadgets

Echo Connect Plus “charges” gadgets

Echo Connect Plus "charges" gadgets

Today, people have more than one gadget, but several. And from different manufacturers. Which in some cases leads to certain problems. After charging ports are radically different.

Is it possible to restore their batteries without the help of several cables? And at the same time? Yes, if there is an adapter Echo Connect Plus.

Operated gadget is very simple. Just connect it to any power source (notebook, laptop batteries and so on). He then “share” of energy as with the iPhone, and with the new HTC Desire A55 from .

Or “revive” your favorite digital camera and iPad.

That’s great – very compact accessory, not more than usual fob. But it is very reliable.

The creators of Echo Connect Plus nice worked on construction. Around the connectors plastic hard, durable. The remaining elements of the “flexible”.

Echo Connect Plus "charges" gadgets

Developers have already collected the necessary amount for mass production. The release is expected in April of this year. Make a reservation is possible on site IndieGoGo.

Price question for investors – from 15 to 19 US dollars.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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