CyanogenMod team is a new service on search devices

Users of Android already have a huge range of different applications that can in some way to ensure the safety of smart phones, and even Google has released the Device Manager. Now turn to surprise turned to CyanogenMod – the team has announced a new service for finding devices.

Unlike the service represented by the CM, the rest of the applications that can be installed from Google Play, is not only that it is the “default”, but also in the fact that it uses encryption and the browser can “talk” to the device. This means that it will be possible to obtain data on the location of the device and, for example, to delete all the data, and the server does not store data about passwords, so no risk.

A new feature will be available through your account CyanogenMod, which was presented to the team and in the future outlined plans to add additional functionality to the accounts.

In addition CyanogenMod team announced that each version will come out in two versions: “user”, signed by a special key for the system to fit security platform Android, and the “developer”, in which the platform will be more open to people.

As usual, the CyanogenMod team has worked fine.

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