Bill Gates acknowledged another mistake Microsoft, associated with a combination of Ctrl + Alt + Del

The former head of Microsoft’s Bill Gates (Bill Gates) sometimes makes it rather interesting and revealing statement. This is what happened this time. During an interview at Harvard University, he admitted that the decision to use the login key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del was a mistake, according to The Verge .

During the event, the host asked Gates about whose idea it was, and what guided the creator. Bill without thinking twice, said that the decision was a mistake. Such a frank admission of being aroused in the audience laugh.

“Initially we wanted to use for the logon operation of a button, but the guy who was at the time responsible for the design of the keyboard IBM, threw our idea of ​​a special button” – Gates said.

Recall that this combination, which was originally designed to restart the computer, came up with engineer David Bradley (David Bradley), working on the creation of IBM PC. A little earlier, Mr. Bradley said that he came up with a combination, but it was Bill Gates made it famous.

Despite the fact that the Ctrl + Alt + Del at the time was a mistake, the software giant is in no hurry to send her to retire. In the new Microsoft operating system, this combination allows you to lock your PC and open the Task Manager.

It is remarkable, but it’s not the only mistake that Bill Gates admitted. Earlier this year, he called an early strategy to gain mobile market failure. Steve Ballmer, who recently announced his decision to resign as CEO Microsoft, also admitted one of his mistakes.

“I deeply regret that, in the early 2000s, we were so passionate about the work on Windows Vista, which failed to give proper attention to a new class of devices – phones,” – Steve Ballmer said at a recent meeting of financial analysts.

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