Samsung T211 hard reset: 5 working methods

Samsung T211 hard reset: 5 working methods

In this article we will see how to perform Samsung T211 hard reset. Also you learn how to return tablet to working condition even in most difficult situation.

If you have forgot unlock pattern from your Samsung tablet, you can perform hard reset with service code, settings menu, recovery menu, Samsung Kies and in most difficult situations through ADB. Samsung T211 hard reset brings the tablet to the factory state. Also it deletes all user data, such as applications, contacts, photos, etc.

Samsung T211 hard reset through settings menu

The first way to perform hard reset is to go to Settings – Privacy and click on Factory data reset. Then follow the instruction on screen to return tablet to factory settings.

Samsung T211 hard reset with Service code

Also you can use service code to perform Samsung T211 hard reset. Type *2767*3855# and tablet automatically starts the hard reset process.

Samsung T211 hard reset with Samsung Kies

Samsung has its own software that allows to perform factory reset.

  1. Connect your tablet to PC with Samsung Kies program.
  2. After Samsung Kies has recognized the tablet, go to Tools – Emergency Firmware Restoration and enter the recovery code that appears on display.

Samsung T211 hard reset via combination of physical buttons (Recovery mode)

If you cannot go to settings menu and your Android tablet does not turn on, you can perform Samsung T211 hard reset through recovery mode.

  1. Turn off the tablet. If you can, remove the battery for about ten seconds and insert it again.
  2. Go into recovery mode by holding special combination of physical buttons, for example, Volume UP (Down) + Power + Home.
  3. Then select “wipe data / factory reset” and choose “Yes – delete all user data”.
  4. After hard reset will be completed, select “Reboot system now”.

Samsung T211 hard reset with ADB

If you cannot get into Recovery mode using the physical buttons, you have to force access into recovery mode from your PC. For this you should use ADB (Android Debug Bridge). We see in detail:

  1. Download adb. The archive is located three files: “adb.exe”, “AdbWinApi.dll”, “AdbWinUsbApi.dll”. You need to unzip adb archive to a folder on your computer.
  2. Open the folder you just extracted and holding ctrl and shift, do right click in a blank area of ​​the folder and then “Open Command Window”.
  3. Connect your tablet to PC and type in “adb devices”. If all goes well you will see the list of connected devices.
  4. Now just type “adb reboot recovery” and your tablet will reboot into recovery mode.
  5. Select “wipe data / factory reset” and then “Yes – delete all user data”. Wait for the completion of operations
  6. Select “reboot system now”.

That’s all! You may use each method in order to perform Samsung T211 hard reset.

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