Asus introduced the Nexus 7 Covers the second generation

Asus pulled very long with the release of the official covers for the Nexus 7 of the first generation, and when they arrived, many were disappointed. For version 2013 the company has created two versions of covers: cover “travel”, which is made of material similar to soft-plastic (as in the bag for the last Nexus 7) and “premium”, with a hard plastic shell and bendable cover for the screen.

The latter case is now on sale, at a minimum, the two sellers on Amazon. Premium case (it looks like a similar design on a well-known company) is divided into three parts felt cover, cover your screen, and rubberized feet. This case is more functional than the regular version, which affected the price. By the way, the price – the premium cover quite expensive – white will cost $ 32.18, and the black is $ 42.88.

By the way, both covers have their own pages on the site Asus – both in the first and in the second one.

Even at this stage, for the second-generation Nexus 7 has a large number of different cases that turn out to cost much more interesting. At the same time, some of them not so much like a normal case, but rather on its premium version. Do not mistake Asus with the price?

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