Apple and Samsung did not disclose details of court

According to Reuters, the court allowed the companies to Apple m Samsung Electronics does not publish financial details provided by the court in the course of large-scale patent proceedings. Representatives of Apple and Samsung declined to comment on the decision.

It was taken by the Federal Court of Appeal. It cancels the decision of the lower court, which ordered the parties to disclose the content of the documents containing information on sales and profits.

“We understand the importance of protecting the public interest in the trial and the fact that they facilitate the proceedings.
However, this interest should not become a mere curiosity in regard to confidential information of the parties, unless this information is crucial to decide on the merits. “

Apple and Samsung are the real war in courts around the world since 2011. A year ago, the U.S. Supreme Court sided with Apple, ordering the South Korean manufacturer to pay 1.05 billion dollars for patent infringement Apple.

Later, the payment amount has been reduced to about 600 million dollars, and for the remainder of the decision was made to review, because the court found the wrong basis for calculations, which guided the jury.

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