In the aircraft will give a virtual reality helmet 

In the aircraft will give a virtual reality helmet 

In the aircraft will give a virtual reality helmet 

Despite the fact that many companies are seriously develop virtual reality technology, creating special glasses and helmets, so far they have not received such wide popularity, as we would like. Even the most famous virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift many may come as a surprise. However, some manufacturers are still doing their best to make their products gradually filled the market.

As the resource Engadget, Samsung has started working with the Australian airline Qantas. In the framework of this cooperation the passengers will receive a virtual reality helmet Gear VR from Samsung, which they can use during the flight.

It is reported that Gear VR receive only first-class passengers flying flight between Melbourne and Sydney. The experiment will continue for a month, and then the company will decide whether to continue to use virtual reality helmets during flight.

In addition, while using the Gear VR passengers will only be available some functions, for example, it will show an overview of the circular first-class cabin, type of aircraft during takeoff and landing, or attractions Australia.

Other features of the helmet will not be available, as will agree that move your head or jump during the flight is not so convenient and safe.

Recall that Airbus has also been working on the creation of a virtual reality helmet that can help aerophobia easier to transfer flight.

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