About Steve Jobs is already possible to speak ill?

Within a few months after the death of Steve Jobs’ media friendly chorus sang a grand contribution he has made ​​to the history of our planet. The book by Walter Isaacson was overseas, after which it became possible to correctly and carefully criticize the founder of Apple and admit that he committed some errors. Now, apparently, a time when “either good or nothing,” has ended. This week on the site of the broadcaster CNBC material appeared where analysts suggest Apple erode from the Board of Directors of the spirit of Steve and leave it in the past. We suggest that you read this material in Russian and draw their own conclusions.

Shares of Apple enjoyed an impressive week after the company reported results that exceeded analysts’ estimates, thanks to good sales of iPhone. But the best news for a company may consist in the fact that the leadership of Apple there are serious cultural shifts, says an expert on the company.

“They are close to having to erode the spirit of the board of directors – said Max Wolff, senior analyst and economist Greencrest Capital. – They are starting to do things that causes them to market. They are starting to get rid of the ghost of Steve Jobs “

According to Wolf, it will be the company to provide strong support.

“I do not think that getting rid of this spirit will bring us harm – he said in an interview with – Tim Cook – a great leader. If such decisions are made by him, then he does right. It’s better than saying, “One day, I shall reach a paella in Menlo Park in 1977, Steve Jobs said,” Well, I do not like cheese “

Wolf said that the company was limited to the desire to embody the ideas of Jobs. “People told them,” We love your iPhone, but the screen is too small it. ” And they said, “Well …”

Jobs said that the 3.5-inch display is “ideal for consumers,” and that larger screens is nonsense and nonsense. But now, as reported in June, agency Reuters, the company is going to launch the iPhone on the market with a diagonal of 4.7 inches and 5.7 after krupnoekrannye “lampshades» Galaxy gained popularity.

If you look at stocks that Jobs has always vigorously opposed the payment of dividends to shareholders of Apple, but instead preferred to let in all the company’s business. However, in March 2012, the company for the first time since 1995, declared dividends (Jobs, recall, returned to Apple in 1996).

“I have no doubt that the company from time to time ask yourself,” What would Steve? “- Said JMP Securities analyst Alex Gaun. – But I do not think the ghosts of the past will remain forever. I believe that you need to move forward. Apple – strong company, so that is how she goes “

At the same time, he added:

“I never was of the opinion that Steve Jobs has made a plan for the company for many years to come. Technological sector too rapidly and dynamically, so that you can talk about it “

In addition, Gaun believes that people tend to overestimate the role of the co-founder of Apple.

“Best of all, Steve Jobs turned out to be the one who makes the final decision – he said. – The biggest change to the company is that now there is no such person. It is no longer the person who is able to think about themselves the activities of various departments’

Wolf also believes that the impact of Jobs’ more exaggerated.

“It is unlikely that it can be called a legend: he’s not inventing cheese – Wolf said, the second time mentioning the dairy product. – He just knew that if creating things that will not break every five minutes, people are willing to pay money for them. “

And what do you think, dear readers? Not too far gone analysts calling for Apple to get rid of the legacy of its founder?

Based on materials from CNBC

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