Watch Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will have at CES or MWC 2014?

Recently updated gadgets have become so common that the rumors about the next generation of devices sometimes appear even before the sale of the current generation. So , just a few days ago, official sources were reporting the first information about the smartphone Sony Xperia Z2 ( though the Xperia Z1 was introduced only in the beginning of the month at the IFA 2013 ) , and now a similar situation exists with the clock Samsung Galaxy Gear – one of the Korean resources claims that the announcement of Galaxy Gear 2 can occur in early January at CES 2014 or at the end of February at the MWC 2014.

The reason for such a quick update smart watch can be a lot of negative comments about the device. Most people who managed to test the software , he was among the first , unhappy in the first place , low battery life , large dimensions and weight , as well as too high a price . Anyway , Galaxy Gear, in fact , proved a miniature smartphone with reduced functionality , not just clever clock ( maybe too smart ) . Therefore , it is not clear and the positioning of the device that duplicates the functionality of smartphones, and not just serves as a companion gadget.

According to the South Korean site Daum Samsung is not only going to fix the shortcomings of the first generation of hours (alas , history shows that the first generation of devices are likely to be somewhat ” trial ” or ” test ” ), but also extend the functionality of the gadget , adding possible module GPS. Also , referring to industrial sources , Daum reports that the Galaxy Gear 2 will support more Android-smartphone . Watch Samsung Galaxy Gear at the moment can only work with one of the devices – Galaxy Note III, but the company intends to gradually expand the list , updating their smartphones to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, which can work with Bluetooth 4.0 LE and should be available for the Galaxy S IV and the Galaxy Note II in October. About the device with third-party manufacturer of smartphones yet, alas , is not known.

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