Smartphone GIGABYTE GSmart MAYA M1 has become even more powerful

The company ASBIS (official distributor in Russia GSmart smartphones) has announced the withdrawal of the Russian smartphone market GIGABYTE GSmart MAYA M1 (v2). The device differs from its predecessor in a more powerful processor (4 cores at 1.2 GHz instead of 2 cores at 1 GHz) and “grown-up» Android, which gave the flagship line of GSmart all the innovations version 4.2 (previously 4.1).

According to the manufacturer, loading web pages was faster gaming capabilities have increased and decreased power consumption. Now with the same capacity battery 1700 mAh Talk time will be at 4:00 as it was before, and 4.5 hours. In standby MAYA M1 (v2) will hold up to 500 hours – 200 hours is greater than the first version of the smartphone.

Due to improved component device has become lighter (147 grams compared with 150 grams), having earlier 67x136x9.7 mm dimensions. The screen also has not changed: 4.5 inch IPS matrix and the expansion of 960 × 540 pixels.

2-megapixel front-facing camera enables video calls from the comfort of exercise. Face recognition software will make it possible to put a self-portrait as a password to unlock the screen. The main 8 megapixel camera boasts autofocus, flash and panorama shooting.

Like many smart phones GSmart, MAYA M1 (v2) supports two SIM-card selection function for each task. New on sale in September 2013.

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