Samsung Ativ Book 9 now available to order with LTE modem

While scrolling through the various notebooks and ultrabooks an Ultrabook me recently jumped into the eyes, which I never knew before and was actually also officially not introduced by Samsung. It is the “old” Series 9 notebook ( not the plus or Lite ) that it is now listed under the model name “900X3F G01” and the new ultrabook called “Ativ Book 9” with LTE modem. Here, for example, are priced at € 1399 best shop due, then for that you get an i5-3337U with 2.7 Ghz, 4GB of RAM, an HD display and a 256GB SSD.

The feature is of course the LTE modem so that you really will not find in a Ultrabook. Even if it is “just” the old Ivy Bridge chipset is here and not just the new Haswell is used here, there is evidence that Samsung LTE modem installed perhaps more common in the future. Otherwise, here is the way, the same hardware I 9 (formerly Series 9) Ativ have here in my book even for many months in use: An incredibly thin 1.3 inch housing with a weight of 1.2 Kg About Cyberport and computer Universe, there are only pre-order. Through Amazon but it is already available, however, because at a slightly higher price.

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