Production of flexible displays will begin in November

Prototypes of flexible displays various companies have repeatedly demonstrated at various international exhibitions and events, and reports on new developments circulating the web, at least since 2007. Apparently, already reached a point where we can talk about the actual timing of the start of production of flexible displays for mobile devices.

According to South Korean resource ET News citing industry sources, in November of Samsung Display and LG Display will begin mass production of flexible panels, is lightweight, high strength and reduced in comparison with the prototypes thick.

Available capacities allow Samsung to provide up to 1.5 million flexible displays with a diagonal of 5 to 6 inches, assuming 100% yield. In fact, the quality of the panels, especially at first, to be desired, so you can talk about the release of about one million displays per month.

LG Display capabilities are much lower – about 500,000 of flexible displays per month. Japanese and Taiwanese companies are also working on flexible OLED-displays, but mass production will be a long time.

Note that the first device from Samsung with this display can be flexible hours Galaxy Gear , the company announced on September 4, together with its flagship smartphone Galaxy Note III .

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