NESUnlocker: a new way to unlock iOS [Video]

NESUnlocker – this is a new tweak from Cydia, through which can be implemented on the iPhone and iPad a new way to unlock the screen. The novelty was a continuation of a string of creative unlockers for iOS Among which there are also PatternUnlock to unlock the gadget by using a combination of points and Piano Passcode , providing opportunity to strum tune with the piano keys.

Tweek NESUnlocker was announced on Saturday this week. Developer Steve Hetelekides released a demo that allows you to understand the operation of the unlockers. The thing is – in order to access content iPhone and iPad, users must press a few buttons in sequence on the virtual controller, NES.

In the settings, there are two options – switching on and off and setting tweak the code combination. Can be used four switches directions, labeled by arrows, and the A and B buttons gamepad classic Nintendo.


Hetelekides will release a tweak in the near future. On the cost and timing of release of NESUnlocker not reported.

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