Mozilla updated Firefox browser has produced 24

Mozilla company prepared to release a new version of the Firefox browser at number 24 for the platforms Windows, Mac and Linux.

In Firefox 24 adds support for the new style scrollbars for Mac OS X 10.7 and later and added function “Close tabs to the right.” It will speed up the process of closing unnecessary tabs. The chat window can now be placed in any location by simply moving the mouse. It also reported on the improvement of the browser with the tabs attached, the fragmentation and scaling images. Has been refined and unified console browser, which will simplify troubleshooting. In addition, support has been implemented WebRTC, added the ability to share your open tabs between different devices with support for NFC, improved illumination for night reading.

Version of Firefox 24 will be available for download from the official site of the project in the near future. Now it can be downloaded from the FTP-server . Users of previous versions will be updated automatically.

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