iPhone consumes more energy than the average refrigerator


According to new research, iPhone consume more energy than the average modern refrigerators. These findings are contained in a report analysts Digital Power Group. If the normal refrigeration unit consumes about 322 kWh for twelve calendar months, for the operation of Apple-device for the same term need for about 360 kWh.

At the same time, as noted, most of this energy is consumed not to charge the iPhone from a standard electrical network and to support the data center responsible for the wireless connection and transmission of information in the cloud.

In general, today the world’s communications systems use about 1,500 terawatt-hours per year, equivalent to 10% of global energy consumption, or more than sharing power in Germany and Japan. With 1 terawatt enough to power 90,000 homes for a year.

By 2035, the consumption of cloud data in the world will spend about the same amount of energy as the coverage, the report said Digital Power Group. And one of the main consumers of cloud services that are claimed to be iPhone users and iPad.

In this case, Apple gets more than half of the energy (55%) for its data center from coal – the very outraged by Greenpeace. But the company seeks to remedy this situation, planning to in the near future to move to 100% renewable energy. And according to information posted on the website Apple, the company has a 75% passed this way.

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