HTC has complained of problems with marketing, ignoring the financial difficulties

This is the second year the HTC clearly visible economic problems, and the next fiscal quarter for the first time in the history of the company can be detrimental. However, while talking to reporters Bloomberg HTC CEO Cher Wang (Cher Wang) neatly bypassed the delicate subject of financial difficulties, but said that the next couple of months for the company to be among the most difficult.

Wong is clearly trying to keep a good face on a bad game, but at the same time and once again not to anger investors. Although the choice of the reasons due to which the company was having difficulty proved to be highly non-trivial. Chairman of the Board of Directors of HTC said that to blame the sluggish marketing and weak interaction with customers. According to Wong, all these problems will be solved, and will help them in this Robert Downey Jr., who became the new “advertising face” of the company. The reputation and popularity of the famous actor, of course, have a positive impact on the perception of HTC users, but this is just the tip of the iceberg, and the company will have to work hard to stay afloat.

By the way, the next quarter in addition to advertising Downey Jr. in the title role and will bring the first fablet from HTC, codenamed One Max .

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