Boeing developed the iPad-app for aircraft mechanics

American aircraft building concern Boeing has developed a set of proprietary applications for the iPad, which allows the company to have an aircraft mechanic quick access to technical data planes. The package includes several specialized programs – Toolbox Mobile Library, Toolbox Mobile Parts, Maintenance Turn Time, and others.

The largest airline company, which manufactures aircraft Boeing 737, 747, 777 and 787 Dreamliner, will demonstrate the range of software for the aviation industry exhibition in London this week. Software Development Boeing conducted throughout the year in cooperation with other airlines.

Due to the iPad applications and mechanics and technicians airlines will be able to access the stories support the airplane, its specifications, inventory data, etc. The use of mobile devices, Apple will speed up the process of problem detection and repair, cut costs and reduce the likelihood of a flight delay.

Note that the “iPads” are very popular with airlines. American Airlines, United and Alaska Airlines introduced the use of Apple-tablet with the technical instructions for the pilots, thereby reducing the amount of paper documentation on board, lower costs and reduce the weight of the aircraft.

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