Samsung returned to iPad

Arte has faced great challenges supply components for its mobile devices, Apple, strumming pride, went to the world with the company Samsung – once its main supplier of components.

One of the main indicators of anger at the mercy of changing from Apple was the increase in the supply of displays for the iPad from Samsung. This was reported by analysts NPD DisplaySearch. In the period from April to June this year, Apple has ordered Samsung displays more than his former key supplier – LG.

According to analysts, the growth of deliveries began in January of this year: in the first quarter, Samsung has put Apple 2,3 million displays for the iPad, and the following display is 4.1 million, increasing supply by 80%.

It is worth noting that at the moment, Samsung provides Apple displays only just for iPad. iPad mini is equipped with a display output LG. However, according to analysts, this year the situation may change. In the second half of the year, Samsung may begin to equip the displays for Apple iPad mini.

Unfortunately, at the moment it is impossible to say for sure whether it displays Retina iPad mini for the second generation Samsung will supply the displays for the first generation iPad mini. In addition to Samsung displays for the new “Minicom” may be all the same LG and Japanese Japan Display.

As noted in the report, NPD DisplaySearch, the measure – a necessary, since Apple has had some supply problems for the iPad mini displays from Sharp and AU Optronics, which according to the company’s plans were to replace Samsung as a key supplier.

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