Genius has started selling unusual Camera-Mouse Cam Mouse

The company Genius, specializing in PC peripherals, released a new mouse “2-in-1” is referred to Cam Mouse.

In fact, the very title of a brief presentation about the whole essence of the device: an innovative manipulator can simultaneously serve as a “just a mouse,” and webcam, able to take pictures and then upload them to the Web, as well as to recognize the QR-code and do some useful things.

Cam Mouse combines a sensor resolution of 1200 DPI and a 2-megapixel camera. “Mouse” camera would have just by the way the owners of laptops, which are embedded in a fixed webcam that force to move the laptop to quickly remove the right thing.

Device is very simple and easy to use. All you need to activate the camera – move the latch away from the lens.

You can configure the mouse to automatically fill images to social networks (where does this world?) – You made pictures will be instantly available to friends and relatives. Along with the software supplied with the mouse for quick and easy photo retouching, as well as recognition software QR-codes.

Product specifications:

  • Sensor with a resolution of 1200 DPI technology Blue Eye (works on virtually any surface)
  • 2.0 MP camera, shoot and 720P HD
  • Comfortable ergonomic housing
  • Special-editing software and fill images and to recognize QR-codes
  • Cost Genius Cam Mouse in the U.S. – $ 29.90.

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